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Who are we looking for?

As an ideal candidate for RUX, you are passionate about your community and want to contribute to community solutions. You equally desire to learn about other communities and are ready to listen deeply, develop meaningful relationships, and lend your own experience.

MN RUX is for individuals...

from any and all backgrounds.

Diversity as a group across thoughts and beliefs, geography, age, ability, expertise, gender, race, sexuality, culture, and class.

interested in their own community and others.

From people at the center to people on the fringes. 

passionate about place.

Desire to explore the connection felt, tension found, and value connected to home.

who are curious and desire to sit with difference.

People attempting to hold multiple truths and exist in the “gray.”

who are open to self exploration and growth.

People who will bring their full personal self.


To Accessibility

It is our goal that RUX is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. We are committed to making every accommodation to ensure accessibility to this program. We are prepared to offer accommodations and alternatives to this text-based application if needed.

To Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

The Minnesota Rural-Urban Exchange works to amplify a more complete and nuanced representation of Minnesota and to skill more Minnesotans  in working across differences.

RUX knows firsthand that geography is not the only thing that divides us. To build pathways for people to work across differences, we have to create spaces that are safe, accessible, and welcoming to people from a range of backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences of age, ability, expertise, gender, race, sexuality, culture, and class.

RUX is an anti-racist organization. For us, that means working to create an environment where all RUX members know that they are worthy of dignity and respect and by making systems of oppression visible–unearthing how our systems disenfranchise, discriminate and oppress some of us. We do this by identifying, challenging, and working to correct racism and other inequities within our network and in the communities we visit. We strive to be an open and compassionate space for Minnesotans to meet, learn more about our state, engage in respectful dialogue, and move forward together.


To be present

RUX is a two-year commitment. By completing this application you are committing to fully participate in two weekend intensives per year in 2023 and 2024, and occasionally participate remotely. The intensives always take place between May–October and are weekend-long, typically beginning midday Friday and adjourning midday on Sunday.

To take care of yourself and each other

MN RUX explores the social issues that define each place with those directly affected, so that cohort members gain compassion and context through a first-hand account of the region. It is from this deep compassion that we expect our relationships to be strengthened–and tested–with conversations and experiences that mire many Minnesotans in disagreement. It can be heavy. We ask that you participate, be giving, and work with other exchange participants to address your needs, the needs of your community and the needs of your fellow cohort members.

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